From my heart to yours. In the special times, we live in right now it seems harder to see a clear path because things are uncertain. Now more than ever your faith is being tested. All the hard work you have done, the new clients who have joined you on your journey to support you and your business, the new pilates class you had just joined which made you feel amazing, the new job you just got had been written – off again.

You have to believe. In the middle of all this chaos, whether you are concerned about getting a new job, what is the best way to stay in touch with your clients or how will you stay healthy and fit with this isolation. You have to believe!

Yes, you used to be able to do things a certain way before all of this Covid 19 happened.

Believe in yourself and know that you just need to understand that this challenge is to overcome just like any other challenge that had knocked you off balance before. Believe in the opportunity and open the door to solutions. I am sure you are doing things right now which you have never done before. And that is amazing!

You are going to look back onto this time right now and be amazed at how well you have managed to flow with this challenge and make the best of this time.

Growing in times of discomfort. When Life pushes us into uncomfortable situations we have to stay connected to our hearts. Believe in your journey, even if you feel discouraged. Believe in taking this time as a gift to connect deeper to find out what powers you can bring out from within. Believe in bringing a better version out of yourself. Believe that you are learning a better way to deal with this right now. Believe that you are giving yourself everything you need right now. Believe that what you do right now is amazing and will change your situation.

Believe in your efforts you are doing but be kind to yourself. Do it from a place of peace. Take your steps with a smile on your face as if there is no tomorrow. Bring your light out to make sure the world can see it and feels attracted to you. Believe in your light. Worship your light. You have come such a long way. You have helped so many people already. You have so much to give. With your happy heart, you are creating more happiness around you.

You know, the best times you can have, are the times when you are completely yourself. The pure, honest, self – loving, kind-hearted and giving self. Nurture yourself with everything you need. You might not be able to socialize right now as you are used to and your goals seem further away right now. Lift your head up, literally, lookup to change your point of view, to lighten your shoulders and gain an uplift. It sends a message to your subconscious and is a very powerful tool to not stay stuck in these discouraging feelings.

A way to bring ease to your mind is to keep sending positivity to your subconscious by planting your seeds from your heart.

When you feel like you have a little bit too many worries on your mind and you realize it. That is already awesome. You are not powerless. In fact, you can plant your seed by simply staying or sitting still ( when you allow your body to become still, it sends a powerful message to the nervous system – “it is time to relax” ) for a moment and understand that you are in loving control and that your mind needs to rest now. You tell your mind to relax, lookup, smile, visualize your beautiful kind heart, tell yourself you are going to be ok, you are relaxing and taking care of yourself. Continue doing this until it becomes familiar to you. It will be strange to do this in the beginning but it will become second nature to you.

Believe that you are in loving control of your life situation at any moment. Believe in yourself from the bottom of your heart. Write it down! Believe! Love yourself again and again.

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