We are circling

This is a song which we often sang together in the Om Shanti Yoga Teacher Community in Spain.

I named my page inspired by the powerful singing circles together. I will share it here with you. You can use it as your Mantra if you like. You can practice being grateful for your voice to be able to sing this song. Practising raises your vibration. Singing is freeing and creates peace within.

” We are circling, circling together. We are singing, singing our heart song. This is family, this is unity. This is a celebration, this is sacred “

A song is a soul calling, is what I believe. I believe our voice is another amazing tool for us to express, to feel deeply and to connect ourselves.

When you were a baby, maybe your mum, dad and siblings sang to you, to put you to sleep and make you smile. When you celebrate someone‘s birthday you sing them a song, to create happiness. Every country has its own native song. Tribes have songs to communicate with each other because it’s part of their language. Singing is part of life.

Singing unites us. Not only in a physical world but also in a spiritual way. Sound is vibration, we are vibration and when we sing we simply vibrate.

You also release so-called happiness hormones! Yeah, your body makes chemicals. You create endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain ( there are more chemicals, but these are well known ). Which is great to know, by creating positive experiences, you activate these chemicals, you can increase your happiness.

This song to me is like a reminder of who I am. With this song, I time travel back to a sacred place where I felt so much love.

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