Watch from a distance and you will see with different eyes

Have you ever heard of the saying: “A painting looks more beautiful from a distance”?

If you haven’t tried this before, next time you are standing in front of a big painting or a big beautiful tree. What you do now is, take a couple of steps back, ease your gaze, relax your shoulders, feel the ground under your feet. You are fully present.

You look at this painting or this tree, you recognise it’s size, it’s volume, you slowly sensitise to the intensity of the vibrant colours, you start noticing the lines of the individual brush stroke or crack, maybe you even hear a noise louder than before and you know exactly what the sound is without even moving your eyes or head off the painting or tree. You might even start to feel like you live without time right at that moment. You become one with that moment.

You feel as if you have no more body but you are just existing in that space with everything around you. You almost feel as if the painting or that tree is connected to you. You become one.

Or maybe you are still looking at it, thinking how weird that I have never thought of this before, ( whatever pops up, it’s random ) you might have been triggered by looking at it.

And exactly like this, you are able to “look” at yourself again. It’s called awakening awareness, it comes from a place of love. It’s no – judging. You become a watcher of yourself.

This expanse your awareness and will help you grow.

When you step back, it will automatically create space and this space is essential for growth. You will see your own true beauty again.

The little things – 2019 Photo taken by me

“To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.” – quote about temptation by the greatest Mark Twain

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